Real Live Escape Game for families. Release date in february 2018. Please contact me for further informations.

Investigate a murder, living again and again the last day of the world

Creation of live games for O-TAKU Manga Lounge

Free-to-Play 2D Runner indie project

Escape Games company where I designed several life-size games

Save the planet in this mobile / tablet game

Transmedia project on the theme of light made of a 3D puzzle plateformer, a tablet puzzle-game and a webseries

Discover smart cities with this ARG management game

A point&click where the player can decide of Sophia’s fate

A transmedia project aiming to promote a series of documentaries

A collaborative asymetric point&click developed during the 2015 Global Game Jam

An interactive experience developed during a game jam

In this AAA beat them all, a templar has to overcome his curse

This arcade combat flight AAA is the first game I worked on as a professionnal